Sold Out! Next run will be announced soon!

About us

We are a small group of enthusiasts who have a drive to work with our hands, we strive to create tools that are both beautiful and extremely functional. With an attention to detail garnered through decades of military service, nothing leaves our shops with the closest scrutiny.

Who we are:

Nick Verbree

Blacksmith, woodworker, and founder

A lifelong wood and metal worker, Nick first honed his craft working with his father, Pete. After joining the military in 2001, he continued to learn and develop his skills, taking up blacksmithing in his spare time. Medically released from the Army after 14 years, Nick decided to follow his passion for making tools, and founded Old Soldier Toolworks

The Mysterious Terry

Production consultant, lead finger smasher

A lifelong soldier, The mysterious Terry has been stuck with Nick since 2007. After serving together in Afghanistan, Terry began aiding and abetting Nick's toolmaking habits. With a knack for fabrication and the ability to conceptualize big projects, this mysterious figure is an integral part of our operation.